Training a cat is sometimes overlooked since most pet owners concentrate on training their dogs or paying someone to train them. Though it is true that cats are naturally more behaved than the playful pups, training them should still be a part of their growth and development, starting from when they’re still kittens. You could see many helpful tips on training cats at My Cat Training as well as some other sites. But, for now, you have to know why it is important to train your cats.

  1. Cleaner and Better Smelling Home

Everyone who owns a cat would ratify that cats’ wastes (both number 1 and 2) would make the whole house smell like a pig sty. When or if you don’t train your kittens to use the litter box starting from the time they get separated from their mothers, you would be so embarrassed to bring any guest or visitor to your house. You might not even want to live in it. And you can’t just let the kitten stay outdoors. After just a day, it would have found its way to the nearest dumpster and you would never see it again.

  1. Easier Grooming

Once you start training your kitten or kittens to behave while you make them cuter, they would be able to tolerate all the grooming you do to them. Some breeds of cats have really long hair and they stick on the couch or the rag more often than not. The earlier you groom your pet, the easier it would be for you even when they become adults.

  1. Healthier Cat

Your cat’s health is as important as yours once you welcome it to the family. Some breeds are more prone to certain disease while other can fight them off easily. But, whatever group your cat belongs to, you would still want it to live its life to its fullest. By training it as early as possible, you would be lessening the trips to the vet. It would be easier for you to brush its teeth, eat healthy, and avoid your cat from being obese.

  1. Better Communication

Cats can learn lesser words compared to dogs. But, they can make more different sounds to tell you what it needs or wants. Meow is not the only sound that a cat makes. A trained cat, or any pet, would be able to pick up essential command words and would react to them appropriately. You, as a cat owner, would also be able to easily understand what each vocalization or gesture your cat makes. A purr, together with the rubbing of the top of his head to any part of your body, could mean it wants to be cuddled. A simple purr could mean it’s thankful or happy.

  1. More Peaceful Neighborhood

You won’t see a trained cat in other people’s home, trying to take the food from another cat’s bowl. You won’t see them being thrown out the window of your neighbor, either. This is because well-trained cats know what is right from wrong. Now that you have read about the importance of training your cat, you can go and check out other articles on how you could successfully train it.

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