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Are you searching for the best tips for maintaining your 55 gallon acrylic aquarium? One relaxing and fun experience is having a clean tank filled with colorful and healthy fish. However, before you buy your fish tank or aquarium, you need to have maintenance tips in mind, which will enable you to keep your pet fish healthy. This post gives you 5 ways on how to maintain your fish tank.

Invest In an Algae Eater

You may have seen a fish tank with walls that are encrusted with a green looking growth, which are algae. It grows in your tank as time goes by. The best way to keep this algae growth minimal is to invest in an algae eater. It comes with a sucker that acts as its mouth and functions by zooming around your tank, in the process cleaning every growth of green algae. Another way to reduce it is to prevent direct sunlight from reaching your tank.

For Each Gallon of Water, Keep One Inch of Fish

Ensure you keep the right number of fish in the tank. The recommended number is one inch of fish for every gallon of water. It means that if you purchase a 10-gallon tank, you should keep 10 inches of fish. Remember that the size of your newly bought fish pet may not be their full size. Make sure that you ask about their maximum potential size, the reason being that a one-inch fish may grow to be four to five inches long.

Use an Aquarium Vacuum

One of the best tips for maintaining your fish tank is to use an aquarium vacuum. It enables you to lower the reservoir’s water levels, which means that you can refill it. However, remember that tap water contains chlorine, which may harm your fish if its amount is high. The best way to deal with this issue is to buy an aquarium chlorine remover. You should then follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure the water is safe for your pet fish.

Use 2-3 Inches of Gravel of Pebbles

Using gravel or small rocks to fill your tank’s bottom ensures that your aquarium decorations are anchored, and the fish wastes are covered since they will build up after some time. To remove the pebbles, use an aquarium gravel vacuum. It’s a long tube that suctions out dirt from the tank’s bottom. It then deposits it in another tank for you to remove.

Consider Buying a Filter for Your Tank

Consider purchasing a filter for your tank if you invest in any type of fish besides goldfish. The reason is that goldfish can thrive in any water condition. However, if you want them to have longer lives, you should consider getting one. The type and size of the filter will depend on the number of fish you plan to buy. Remember that filters need to be replaced every 30 days.


The above 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Fish Tank should make it easy for you to keep fish as your pets. Make sure that you invest in a filter and keep the right amount of fish in your tank for the best results.

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