Are you having a hard time deciding which character you want to portray at your first costume party? Or, are you going to a cosplay convention, yet still got nothing on the mind to wear? Here is an idea! Become one of the most fun cartoon characters today, play as one Mr. Meeseeks. Mr. Meeseeks is not a sole person but a whole race of strange blue creatures. A Mr. Meeseeks has a short span of life, thus, what they do is to complete the task handed to them to live with purpose. Though Mr. Meeseeks seems strange and a bit weird choice for a cosplay, their character is quite fun, interesting and of course, their costume is fast to prepare and affordable. Here are DIY tips on how to prepare a Mr. Meeseeks costume.


Prepare the materials you will need


The materials needed to make a Mr. Meeseeks costume are easy to find. These are common materials you use at home and some are office supplies which you can purchase at stores. You have to acquire the following materials before starting to create your costume.


1. 36 Inches Jumbo Latex Balloon

2. Glue

3. Acrylic Pain in Pool Blue

4. Blue Mitts

5. Orange Craft Cord, preferably Macrame

6. Full Zentai Bodysuit in Blue color

7. Meeseeks Box


You can find the Meeseeks Box on cosplay stores, or you can make your own with the guidance of GO GO Cosplay.


Follow crafting instructions


It is simple and quick to make a Meeseeks costume. You can find several guidelines on the web on how to build or create your costume. But if you want a better outcome, it is best to follow the guide of GO GO cosplay. After acquiring the materials you need for your costume, visit GO GO cosplay’s official website to learn how to finish your craft. This site provides a detailed guideline and instructions that are easy to follow.


Embrace your character


Most first time cosplayers feel self-conscious in wearing costumes and playing their character. It is normal to have such feeling, yet do not let it overpower yourself or else, you will feel uncomfortable the whole time you are wearing your costume. Own your character like it is you. If you do not know how to act like it, you may watch Mr. Meeseeks movies. Same goes for characters you plan to choose in the future.


Cosplay is enjoyable and exciting. It is fun to see anime enthusiast and ComicCon lovers to dress up and become one with their character. If you are one of these people who wish to showcase their cosplaying talent to the world, you can join the GO GO Cosplay showcase events. The GO GO Cosplay hosts several showcases introducing various characters. It is easy to join their contest. All you have to do is upload your fantastic picture wearing your chosen character costume and submit it to their Instagram and Facebook page. For additional details on how to participate in their events, you may visit their official website anytime!

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