There is more to buying leaf blowers than just shopping for a good unit to buy. There are certain things you need to consider to be able to make a good purchase. Preparation is very important and one thing that you must not set aside is your safety. Remember that this tool will emit a very loud sound so better make sure that you buy a good pair of earplugs as well. The sound it emits will not lower than 65 decibels. However, there are gas models that can produce more at a rate of 90-100 decibels. This can damage your eardrum with long exposure. Apart from the earplugs, you must also equip yourself with a pair of safety glasses. It will help you avoid small sticks as well as debris from getting into your eyes when operating the machine.


Check out manufacturer recommendations with regards to tool storage and gas types. There are leaf blowers that are gas powered. And the common issues with these types are very high ethanol content, improper storage of the tool while gas is left on the tank, gas that is no longer fresh. Ethanol does not function as well (when it comes to storage) as they do with large engines like automobiles. Hence, gas powered leaf blower manufacturers provide information regarding proper tool storage, gas freshness, and gas types. And users must follow these instructions by letter to prevent problems in the future. If you failed on this part, you will end up with fuel line and engine problems and these problems will not be covered by its company’s makers warranty because they will turn out to be a manifestation of improper maintenance and exclusions.


If you are using a corded type, make sure that you have a heavy gauge extension cord as well that is meant for outdoor use. A very small cord will not only ruin the machine but it is not safe to use as well.


Some opt for a corded blower. If you feel the same way too, you need to be mindful of your other garden tools. These types can be very expensive since they are using costly batteries. But you need to know that they are using batteries that can be used in other garden tools. So check what battery it is so you can compare it with your other garden tools such as trimmers and mowers. They can have similar batteries, especially if they came from the same manufacturer. If in case you find out that it has the same battery with your other garden tools, you can simply omit the battery in your purchase and save to as much as 50% from its original price. You can just use your rechargeable battery that you already own for this tool.


Lastly, make sure that you know where its service center is, the nearer the better. This way, you don’t need to travel far when you will need their help. For more information about leaf blowers, simply visit https://thebestleafblowers.com/ .

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