Nobody likes the feeling of not being able to go to sleep at night. It can be very frustrating and you cannot accomplish anything the next day. If it starts happening regularly it is called insomnia. Many things cause insomnia such as stress, emotional disorders such as depression, and many others. No matter what the cause of your insomnia may be, you definitely need a solution to your problem. If you feel like you have already tried everything you may be in luck. Keep reading to find out some of the better sleep aids on the market.

Kirkland Sleep Aid

Kirkland is the best over the counter sleep aid for insomniacs. It is known as one of the strongest sleep aids on the market and contains an antihistamine like many other sleep aids. It helps you to feel sleepy due to its ability to fight the histamine produced by your body. Doxylamine is its primary ingredient which is not easy to build a tolerance with.

Unisom Sleep Aid

Unisom Sleep Aid is a great choice if you do not want to experience sleepiness and grogginess the following day. It is also an antihistamine which means that it is much like Kirkland’s. This is a better one to start with if you have not ever had experience with sleep aids. You can take this sleep aid in 25-50 mg doses and contains Diphenhydramine.


There are some people who have either exhausted all of the sleep aid options and are looking for something that is more on the natural side. This sleep aid relies on melatonin which is something that the body naturally produces to help you go to sleep. Older individuals sometimes have a difficult time producing melatonin so this supplement may be the best option if you have tried everything else. It is completely natural and it is not addictive.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you may not be sleeping right. And by that I mean position-wise. Sleeping on your back can be both good and bad depending on how you go about it. Elevating your head is the best sleeping position for your back. It helps to keep the spine aligned and you will wake up with less back pain. If you have tried numerous medications to help you sleep, maybe it is time to look at the way to sleep as a possible cause for your insomnia.

If you are suffering from insomnia you should talk to your doctor before trying anything else. There are many options your doctor may know of that you simply have not tried yet. Before taking anything over the counter talk to them first for their advice on the matter.

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