There is a general growing concern all around the world about the modern lifestyles of mankind. Mankind is today living a life that is increasingly becoming dangerous to not only his own survival but also to the welfare of the environment as a whole.

Much of the changes in the way that things are done today comes from the great technological and intellectual advancement of mankind. As it is, man has invented and discovered numerous new ways of doing things. The new discoveries are usually all aimed at improving the life for mankind, nevertheless, they all seem to only lead to many more problems.

For example, mankind today has come up with numerous machines that help in accomplishing many difficult tasks. The machines are widely used in food production and food processing among other tasks. The use of machines in food production provides an undeniably pronounced benefit. Mankind can now produce much more food within a shorter time and at a lower cost.

However, in as much as the machines are improving production and lowering costs, they are also continually polluting the environment and using up the earth’s natural resources. Pollution has a great negative impact to the environment including the destruction of the ozone layer. Pollution also has adverse effects on the health of living organisms including plants and animals.

Apart from this, machines are rapidly depleting resources such as crude oil as man greedily works to produce more and more. Mankind does not seem to be concerned about the consequences of exhausting the natural resources.

One of the biggest problems that has brought about all this, is the incessant need of mankind to get immediate gratification without considering the long term consequences. This can be seen in simple things such as the innovations man is coming up to get quick fixes to his cooking needs.

Today mankind has microwaves, coffee makers, ice cream makers, and many other kitchen appliances that he uses to quickly fix his food. Mankind is usually very quick to embrace these technologies despite any health implications that may be associated with their use.

Man’s indifference concerning what he eats is especially a very worrying trend. Man seems to be more interested with other material things rather than his own health. Man now seems to look at food as a not-so-important item and he seems to only eat so as to satisfy hunger.

That is why mankind today is increasingly more likely to eat from a fast food joint that provides fast, cheap, convenient and tasty food rather than take time to buy healthy ingredients and go cook a proper meal from home. The impacts of these poor diets is causing man to have numerous problems that originate from the bad carbs that are in the junk foods.

After developing negative consequences from junk food is when mankind desperately tries to manage the problem. Luckily, mankind has also developed ways for managing these health problems including the use of calorie counter watches that are very helpful in managing the amount of calories taken in and the amount, or rate of calories being used up.

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