There are a wide variety of drills in the market and each of them has unique qualities and uses. But if you want a cost-effective, efficient and durable drill for both household and heavy duty work, it is important to invest on the best cordless drill brands to guarantee the success of your work. Thus, in helping you search for a heavy duty cordless drill, here are the top best-seller brands of this equipment this year from your most reliable source, https://drilltoolscenter.com/best-cordless-drill/.

Dewalt Cordless Drill

The latest Dewalt cordless drill model DCD771C2 is the leading drilling equipment this 2018. As a matter of fact, this brand received one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings based on review sites like the Drill Tools Center. What should you expect in using this equipment? Take a glimpse of the top qualities of Dewalt cordless drill listed below.

  1. High Power

Dewalt is a compact build drill and driver with high power and sturdy motors. This tool utilizes an output power of 300 watts and battery powered.

  1. Dual Speed Settings

This tool has two varying speeds that you can choose. One is with a slower speed ranging from 0 to 450 rpm which is suitable for removing screws and another speed of 0 to 1500 rpm for various drilling jobs.

  1. Lightweight

This tool only weighs 3.6 lbs. which makes it an excellent portable drill/driver.

  1. Compact Design

Dewalt has a compact design which is ideal for working in constricted areas.

  1. Ergonomic Design

This equipment is built for prolonged hours of work. This tool has an ergonomic design that allows your hand to have a good grip and provide supports to prevent fatigue.

Makita Cordless Driver/Drill

The Makita cordless driver/drill model XPH102 LXT18V is an ideal tool for both simple and heavy-duty tasks. This drilling is versatile and has amazing functions making it an excellent alternative to Dewalt DCD771C2. The Makita cordless driver is a good investment for professional users. Do you want to know why? Here it is.

  1. Power and Speed

This drill is the best combination of power and speed wrapped up in one tool. Makita features four-pole motor and 480 lbs. of torque. This equipment can handle heavy-duty tasks with its speed of 0 to 600 rpm and 0 to 1900 rpm.

  1. Battery power

Makita is a battery powered drill that uses 18V Lithium-ion battery. You can charge this tool for 30 minutes. The battery life of Makita is long enough to allow you work in long hours without interruptions.

  1. Lightweight

This drill is also a portable and lightweight device. Makita only weighs 3.9 lbs.

  1. XPT Technology

Makita is one of the best cordless drills in the market with an Extreme Protection Technology (XPT). This feature allows the drill to have resistance to water and dust.

  1. A wide range of functions

Makita has various functions which range from simple drilling jobs to masonry, wood, concrete and metal works. For more details on the leading cordless drill brands, you can visit the DrillTools Center via their website.

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