You probably know the reasons why most cats do not like to drink water from the water dish, and these reasons are:

  • The water bowl is too low for them.

Most cats find it uncomfortable to drink water while straining their necks, low on the floor, especially for older and pregnant cats.

  • It is not fresh

Cats want to drink clean water, which is one of the reasons why they love to drink it on a running water than those that are in the water dish.

  • They find stagnant water too warm.

Cats love their water fresh and cool; it allows them to feel refreshed, which is one of the reasons why they love running water from the faucet.

  • For medical reasons.

Some cats who are suffering from a disease or a disorder find it hard to drink water from their water dish.

  • They just do not like it.

Cats are temperamental animals; if they do not want to drink water from a bowl, they will never drink from it no matter what. With those reasons, would it be smart to buy drinking fountains for cats? Here are some of its Pros and Cons to help you decide whether should you or should you not buy one.


  1. It can filter dirt.

Again, cats are meticulous when it comes to their food and their drinks. So, if you buy one of drinking fountains, you are assured that it can filter dirt, fluff, and grime that your cat most likely do not want to see.

  1. It has a bigger capacity.

Unlike water dish, several of your cats can drink safe and fresh water in one drinking fountain. You do not need to put water pots almost everyone to ensure that your cat drinks plenty of water.

  1. It is running

Cats love running water. In fact, they are more enticed drinking water when they hear one.

  1. It is easy to clean.

Since the water in the drinking fountain is running, cleaning this pet gadget is much easier than cleaning the water dish.

  1. It lessens water spills.

Cats have this unusual trait of moving their water dish, which causes water spills. According to several studies, one of the reasons why they do that because they are having a hard time seeing the water in their water bowl. The sound of the running water from the drinking fountain makes the cats realize that they are about to drink water.

The Cons

  1. They can be expensive.

If you would compare the price of water dish to cat drinking fountain, there is a huge price difference. Drinking fountains for cats have specialized filters that make the water clean and fresh. In other words, do not be surprised if you find a drinking fountain expensive.

  1. You are adding to your electric bill.

Since water fountains are electric-run, you have to prepare extra money for this device. If you find it interesting and convenient for you and your cat despite the pros and cons, you may buy check some of these awesome gadgets for your pet at Pet Gadget Review website now.

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