15Coffee decanters, also known as coffee pots or coffee carafes, are products that are needed by individuals who love to serve coffee to their relatives, friends, and other visitors, as well as those who hold meetings in their respective offices. As their name implies, they are used to transfer fresh coffee from the coffee maker to the cup or mug. What makes them special is that the user can still continue brewing while serving. Hence, there is no interruption.


As people scout for this amazing product, they will be seeing different models, brands, and sizes. They will also get to see that it comes in different types based on the material used to construct it. There are those made of plastic, glass, and stainless. However, plastic-made carafes are not really recommended because the material can affect the taste of the coffee and certain health issues are related to such. Hence, this article will just look into the glass and stainless steel carafes.


Both glass and stainless steel carafes, no matter what brand they are, require a pre-heating process before coffee is placed in them. That will ensure that no heat escapes once the coffee from the original coffee maker pot is transferred to the product. This is a simple step since the user only needs to pour a right amount of hot water and leave it for a few seconds before decanting it. Nonetheless, there are glass carafes that come with a warming plate.


Keeping the last sentence above in mind, some manufacturers of glass carafes have incorporated such because heat easily escapes from glass, unlike for stainless steel. In fact, coffee placed in glass carafes will become cold in about 20 minutes. On the other hand, coffee in stainless steel carafes can stay hot or warm for a maximum of 60 minutes. That is made possible by the vacuum system present in the lid of some brands. Also, some of them are built with two walls of stainless steel. Nonetheless, the material itself can retain heat efficiently.


When it comes to cleaning glass carafes, they are quite easier than stainless steel ones. That is for the reason that they can be placed in a dishwasher. It is also very easy to check if there are blemishes or stains since the product is made of glass. Speaking of which, they are more prone to coffee stains than stainless steel products. However, most stainless steel carafes should only be cleaned manually or by hand.


Durability-wise, it is very obvious that the glass carafes are less durable than stainless steel carafes. Such is simply because they are breakable and the other is not.



Taking the information given above into consideration, it is safe to say that stainless steel coffee carafes are a little more beneficial to individuals. That is because it is more durable and it retains heat better. Hence, people who will be opting for such can click here to read more. However, for people who want to save time from checking if the carafe still has enough coffee, glass carafes are more beneficial.

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