There are so many people who are in awe of well-crafted glass products. At first glance, at least for someone who may have no idea how such things are created, it doesn’t seem like something to write home about. But one look into the creative process and everything comes to light at how impressive the precision, control, and attention to detail one must have to create every single piece. Getting into lampworking business is, of course, a long shot for people who don’t have enough patience. But it’s definitely an industry that’s interesting to be a part of. Nevertheless, there are fundamental considerations to look into when thinking of doing just that.

  1. Safety

While glass blowing may not be as dangerous as professions like construction and all other careers that require an immense number of safety gears and precautions. However, the dangers are nonetheless real. It’s rare but definitely unheard of. The rarity comes from the fact that majority of people who get into it know that safety is a pillar of glass blowing, and it’s something that they should never trivialize. The safety precautions in glassblowing aren’t that stringent and extensive as something as a factory’s guidelines, but it’s for that reason that it’s almost inexcusable to neglect safety altogether.

  1. Tools

The tools used in glassblowing scale with skill level. Beginners can use tools that will allow them to craft basic shapes such as beads and tubes. As soon as they develop the skill and control required for more intricate pieces, they can then opt to acquire more tools to do the job. It’s unwise to buy all tools at once, thinking that it’s necessary to start earning. There are kits for lampworking that includes intermediate tools, so that’s probably one good option for someone who just can’t wait to get more than what a beginner needs. But before purchasing one, it’s almost a necessity to read up on reviews on it to avoid ending up with low-quality instruments. There’s no room for low quality in this trade. It’s also worth noting that some are only considering glassblowing as a business because of a phase, altogether leaving the “calling” once they find another interest that makes them fill more fulfilled.

  1. Market

Of course, going into business requires a market to keep it afloat. And an even bigger market to make it soar. At the very start, this is going to be a challenging task because people who get into crafting businesses aren’t particularly business-savvy. This isn’t meant in a demeaning way, but it’s simply a fact that these types of career choices require a lot of attention to the craft itself. There are ways around this, though. One is to learn basic marketing strategies and the other is to reach out to the services of a business consultant. Glassblowing is a time-intensive activity and all those time spent on crafting amazing pieces should not go to waste. Meaning, the items have to be sold so that it’s worth the glassblower’s time.


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