One of the leading belt pouches on the market today is FlipBelt Zipper. The FlipBelt is a renowned manufacturer of belt pouches. As a matter of fact, they are one of the best in the market when it comes to fitness accessories. Their belt pouches are guaranteed high-quality and durable. The FlipBelt Zipper is one of their latest creations. This belt pouch is different compared to their former pouch models. It has more amazing features which are absent in their classic running belt pouch. Now, the big question is, why you need the FlipBelt Zipper for your outdoor activities? Find it out right here.

  1. Provides Comfort

One thing that a person tries to avoid during an exercise routine is to carry a bulky bag that keeps on flopping or bouncing with every movement. Of course, even you would agree to this. Stringing a bag or a bulky pouch along with your daily exercise routine is downright uncomfortable. Moreover, it prevents you from keeping up your speed as you run. This is one of the reasons why you need to use a FlipBelt Zipper. This pouch does not flop or bounce as you run. The FlipBelt Zipper is made of elastic material that conforms around your hip as you wear it. It stays on your hip all the time without slipping.

  1. Has Sufficient Storage Space

Another significant aspect of FlipBelt Zipper is the storage space it has. Since the fabric of this pouch is highly stretchable, it can store more materials than a regular pouch or an armband. You can place your iPhone, iPod, wallet Passport, ids and even a bottle of water inside the FlipBelt Zipper without forcing them to fit. In addition, it has provided an easy access to your belongings so you can grab your things with no trouble.

  1. Offers Better Security

As the name implies, this FlipBelt pouch has a zipper. The zipper keeps your materials in place and prevents them from slipping out of the pouch. Hence, this feature gives more security to your things. Furthermore, this product has an additional pocket with zipper to give you more storage space.

  1. Quick Dry Feature

Performing physical activities also means sweating. The good thing with FlipBelt pouch is that it dries easily and prevents moisture from seeping into the pockets. This running pouch is 92 percent composed of Micropoly substance and 8 percent of Lycra which dries fast when wet. Likewise, these materials are incredibly soft so you won’t have rashes or skin irritation when it touches your skin, unlike some running belts that are made from rough fabric materials which are highly irritating.

  1. Washer-Friendly

The FlipBelt zipper is a wash-friendly belt. Thus, it won’t shrink, break or lose its aesthetics once washed in the washing machine. Also, air drying is safe with this belt pouch. There is no better belt pouch for hiking, running, walking or biking compared to the FlipBelt zipper. If you want to know more about the amazing features of this product, check it out here at Outdoor Fitlab.

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