3An ironing board is one of the most important tools when ironing. Some people make do with tabletops or their beds, but having an ironing board is still more convenient and would help make the ironing chore faster and easier. If you are out there trying to figure out which ironing board you should buy, you better read this list of features to know what would be perfect for you.


1. Size


Size does matter when it comes to ironing boards. The bigger it is, the more convenient to use for wide and big-sized clothes. If you usually iron pants, then you might want to consider getting a board that is long enough to hold the whole length of the pants flat. However, if you only iron small clothes like your kids’, then you might want to get something smaller. The size would also determine the space you would need to do your ironing and also the space where you could store it.


2. Height


There are some ironing boards that have fixed heights. But, most of the modern boards that come out these days are adjustable. You could lower or make the board higher depending on what is most comfortable for you. Adjustable ironing boards are great when there are two or more people using the board, especially if they have different heights.


3. Portability


One of the most important features of the ironing board you should be looking after is its portability, especially if the space in your home is not that wide. Portable ironing boards can be folded and stashed away after use. However, if you have a designated area where you do your laundry and ironing tasks, you could choose to have the board built-in.


4. Sturdiness


You wouldn’t want your board to be tipping or collapsing in the middle of your ironing chore. Choose the sturdiest one you could afford. Really sturdy boards are made of high-quality materials and are usually sold at a higher price than those that are not that sturdy. If you have a heavy iron, it is recommended to get a sturdy board that could carry the weight of the iron and wouldn’t collapse when you put pressure on it.


5. Weight


Most times, the sturdier the iron is, the heavier it weighs. However, if you move your ironing board from one room to another or if you have to carry them when you store them, you might want to choose a light board. But, if you cannot sacrifice stability and sturdiness for the weight, you better choose a heavier board.


6. Cover


Covers are as much important as the other features of the ironing board. Most ironing boards are sold with a cover and padding. However, some are not of high quality and would need to be upgraded. You could choose a cover that is non-stick. This prevents the fabric from sticking to the board. Or, you could choose a reflective cover which transfers heat to the clothes.


7. Extras


Some modern ironing boards also come with some special features like sleeve attachment, multi-function tray, wire manager and more. But, additional features mean additional payment.

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