Intellectual property law is certainly responsible for huge changes in mens shaving and has made shaving much more expensive as well as an almost competitive activity. How many blades does your razor have, three, four maybe? Does it vibrate? No, how ordinary. And it has most definitely made shaving hugely expensive with the cost of the latest high tech shaving systems.

The replacement blades for these are a substantial cost to the male consumer and it is intellectual property laws that is the prime mover for this.

Let me explain: a hundred or so years ago Mr K Gillette patented his method of producing double edged safety razor blades cheaply.

This revolutionised shaving for men ,making it possible for men to shave cheaply and safely at home rather than make a visit to the barber shop.The Gillette Company hit gold with this patent and became enormously successful and wealthy.

They realised that their patent would expire after twenty years and decided that they needed to innovate and develop variations to shaving in order to maintain their intellectual property rights. And ever since then, every few years a new improved, more expensive razor hits the market.

Now its true these new multi blade systems shave you close. I would argue that they shave too close and can cause irritation  in growing hair and possible infection from drawing too much of each hair out of its follicle. Some years ago I decided to opt out of this best shave ever nonsense. My vibrating Mach 3 Sensor was confined to a drawer and I went online and bought a Merkur 32c safety razor with a stubby but comfortable handle in stainless steel, a badger hair shaving brush and a wooden bowl of luxury shaving soap.

Guys, I’ve never looked back. That shaving soap (Trufitt & Hill, London England) lasted me nearly three years, and leaves your skin like it just got renewed! I recently bought 200 Gillette Astra blades for far less than I would pay for a pack of multi bladed shaving heads. I would urge all of you out there to take back your shaving destiny and switch to the old style shave. You will save money and once you’re used to the shorter strokes of the safety razor you will get a more comfortable shave.

Even though I do prefer the traditional method I must admit to being excited by recent developments in electric shavers. The new breed of shavers can provide you with an excellent shave with no skin irritation and even allow a very close shave.

Did Intellectual Property Law Destroy Men’s Shaving? Credit Picture License: eastmidtown via photopin cc

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