There are certain regulations and state laws that govern payment of wages. These are the extensive set of rules which can be complicated at times. In case your employer failed to give you the right pay for your work, you can be entitled to certain penalties or attorney fees in some states on top of the wage that your employer owes you. Hence, you need to know that certain cases where the failure of your employer to pay you gives you the privilege to demand other claims just like California’s unfair competition claims.

Your next question might be; when can you file for unpaid wages. Below are the circumstances to file for such claim:

  • Your pay does not even reach the minimum wage.
  • Breaks were never given.
  • Working off the clock without being paid for it.
  • Time needed to wear or take off work-related uniforms or gears.
  • Unpaid overtime pay.

This is the time you spent more than 40 hours in a week. And you are usually required to work at least 8 hours a day.

  • Unpaid travel time spent to and from work every day or any travel related to work for that matter. However, there are exemptions to what has been mentioned above. For instance, low salary may be compensated through tips you receive while at work. And remember that not all travels need to be compensated by your employer. To know any violation done by your employer, you can ask help fromĀ this top San Diego unpaid wages lawyer. They have proven their worth in the many years they practice their profession.

You may wonder what difference a lawyer can do. Obviously, this person will determine whether your employer violated any labor law. But on top of that, with the help of a lawyer, you will know your options on ways to challenge your employer. Once you find out that your employer violated your rights as an employee, you can always file a case. A hearing will then be scheduled so that finding on the claim will be issued. It’s a quicker option and less expensive compared to a lawsuit. However, a hearing has its own sets of disadvantages too. Examples of its cons include the inability to file a lawsuit and putting up limits to the damages you can claim. Also, before filing a case against your employer, check out if this will be settled through negotiations first. But don’t worry; your employment lawyer will inform you about the options so you can pick the one that is best for you. If you want to skip the hard and long process then talk to your employer in person.

Indeed it is important that you know your rights as an employee. This allows you to enjoy a fair labor since you know your rights. So, it’s about time that you evaluate whether your employer has not caused you any injustice. You may not know whether you are receiving the right amount unless you check out your pay slip and do your math.


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