benefits of argan oil

Once an ancient healing salve, argan oil is now widely used for both skin and hair treatment. You can read  more about it at It’s not difficult to use, either. You don’t need to buy expensive and lotions, simply buy 100% argan oil and follow our 5 skin and hair treatments!


Suffering from acne? As it turns out, argan oil can be effective at treating acne. Simply use the oil in place of a face moisturizer and spread it around. For particularly stubborn acne, simply take a drop of argan oil and apply more to the problematic area.

Argan oil works by reducing sebum levels. This in turn limits the amount of oil that appears on the skin, helping prevent blackheads and whiteheads from forming. In addition, argan oil can help rehabilitate inflammation as a result of acne and can heal damaged skin.

Face Moisturizer

Argan oil also acts as a great skin moisturizer. Before bed and after washing your face, simply apply a drop of the oil to your face. It will absorb into your skin easily and will not make your skin oily.

For particularly sensitive areas on your face, apply an extra drop of the oil. Argan oil contains vitamins that help prevent wrinkling in addition to moisturizing.

In drier climates or during drier seasons, apply an extra drop of oil.

Skin Problems

Argan oil has been used to heal for centuries. Razor bumps as a result of ingrown hairs can be treated with the application of argan oil. It can also help soothe mild burns.

Applying some argan oil can moisturize sensitive skin. It has been known to help skin conditions like eczema and can reduce inflammation. The vitamins and antioxidants present in argan oil make it an effective treatment for damaged skin.

For issues like cracked foot soles, a few drops of argan is all you need to help moisturize the feet. However, be careful to wipe off the excess oil as it is easy to slip when it is applied to your feet.

Leave-in Conditioner

In addition to being great for skin, argan oil can also help the hair. It makes hair soft and adds a shine when used as a conditioner, and often works better than traditional leave-in conditioners. Applying the oil is easy, and all it requires is a few drops.

Simply apply the oil to your hair (make sure your hair is somewhat damp) and massage it in. It should coat your hair from the scalp to the tip as this will help hair growth and will treat split ends. If used correctly, it will not make your hair greasy and will make your hair easier to style.


When styling with argan oil, your hair does not have to be damp. Simply apply it the same way you would the conditioner, making sure to spread it evenly.02

It can be a great solution to frizzy hair and adds a great shine. It also has the added benefit of being healthy for the hair unlike some chemical hair styling products.

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