2The air is essential life but it can also pose dangers to our health, especially for people who have low immunities like babies and elderlies. That is because the air we breathe can also cause illnesses depending on the condition. As most of us, if not all, know, the air carries a lot of impurities like dust mites, pollens, and other allergens. Usually, the respiratory is affected; hence, colds, cough, and allergies are very common.

Another thing that makes people prone to respiratory problems is the humidity level of the air. When the humidity level is low, people will also experience cold and cough, as well as dry skin, lips, and eyes. These conditions are often very difficult and uncomfortable for babies that make them irritable and sick. Nowadays, there are already the so-called air purifiers and humidifiers that can help resolve these problems. Some of you may already be aware that when it comes to air purifier vs humidifier for babies, they differ in what they can do for the air.

Air purifiers are for the removal of impurities in the air while humidifiers are for improving the humidity level of the air. Since humidifiers are somewhat more unfamiliar to most people than air purifiers, this article will talk about the things that people should expect when they purchase a humidifier.


Changing the Indoor Temperature

Apart from regulating the moisture level of indoor air, humidifiers can also change the temperature level of a specific area where they are placed. Warm-mist humidifiers are capable of increasing the temperature that is why they are ideal during the winter season. Cool-mist humidifiers can reduce the temperature during summer. Hence, they will greatly benefit the users two ways. Nonetheless, there are humidifiers that can produce both cool and warm mist.

Prolonging the Life of Items Inside the Home

A house has wooden items like furniture and wall, as well as wallpaper that may be damaged if the humidity level inside is not achieved well. With the help of humidifiers, it is assured that the items inside the house will not be exposed to extreme dryness. Hence, they can last longer.



The maintenance of air humidifiers is something that owners should focus on. It should be remembered that they release steam and some of it may be left inside the product. Also, they have water tanks that need to fill in order for them to work. With that in mind, they can be prone to mold and bacterial growth since moist attracts these microorganisms. So, owners should make sure that they clean the tank regularly and dry the product completely when not in use.

Frequent Refilling

As mentioned earlier, air humidifiers need water to work. Depending on the usage, they will require constant refilling so that they will not be destroyed. However, there are already brands wherein they automatically turn off when the water tank is already empty.

Final Thoughts

As similar to any other products, air humidifiers have their benefits and drawbacks. Nonetheless, what is more important is to protect our loved ones and homes from the effect of poor humidity levels in the house.

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