Triathlon athletes compete in three different physical activities: running, swimming, and biking. They compete with fellow athletes and their time for each part of the triathlon is important. That is because such will help them determine whether they will be ahead of the others or not. With that in regard, having a triathlon watch that can “survive” each round is important.


Most triathlon watches are expensive because of its many additional features that are useful for the athletes. However, there are also good-quality triathlon watches that are affordable. Below are two of which.


Timex Ironman Sleek 150


The most affordable on this list is the one Ironman Sleek 150 that has been manufactured by the popular company, Timex. The very first thing that people will notice about this product is its large interface or display. The screen is also made using the so-called TapScreen Technology. It also comes in different vibrant colors that fashionable individuals will surely love, some of which include a combination of yellow, blue, and black and a mix of neon green and black.


People will also love the idea that the watch has a very lightweight, making it comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Also, the menus are very easy to navigate. Hence, athletes no longer have to take a pit stop just for them to change the settings or look into the different details that they need on their watch. Similarly, the product is resistant to water up to a depth of 100 meters. Users can also go back to their performance since it can store 150 laps in its memory. Likewise, athletes are alerted if they already need to drink water since it has a hydration alert feature.


Tom Tom Spark 3


According to some reviews of watches for triathlons, another useful and affordable product is the Tom Tom Spark 3. This watch has a very simple interface and only comes in one color, which is black. However, people can choose to have a small or large strap. It is It is also water resistant but only at a maximum level of 40 meters. Nevertheless, this product is compatible with Bluetooth headphones that are included in the package. Additionally, it can also store more than 500 songs that people can listen to while they are running, cycling, and swimming.


What is better about this watch is that it is built with a GPS tracking capability. It can track the users distance, route, speed, pacing, and time. It can also be used during treadmill and gym workouts. In addition, people can also sync their favorite workout apps wirelessly with this watch.


Final Thoughts


The above-mentioned products are both functional and quality triathlon watches since both of them are water resistant and can monitor the heart rate of the user. However, when it comes to price, the one from Timex will be better. Feature-wise, the watch from Tom Tom will be a better choice. Nevertheless, if the only aim of the individual is to have a watch during triathlon activities, either of the two products can deliver what is needed.

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