For an individual who loves animals, a career in animal care could be the ticket to happiness. The career choices for those who want to work with animals are wide and varied; animal husbandry, veterinarian services, those who work in zoos, animal photography, kennel workers, those who work to rehabilitate wildlife, groomers, pet sitters, the choices are almost endless.

Breeding is very popular, with a plethora of designer dogs to prove it. Most of these dogs have been bred to be sold to those with allergies, although it’s worth noting that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Most designer dogs are crossed with a Poodle, the examples being the Labradoodle, (a cross breed of Labrador Retriever and standard Poodle), a Goldendoodle (a cross breed of Golden Retriever and standard Poodle), a Maltipoo (which is a cross breed of a Maltese and a miniature Poodle), and a Cockapoo (a cross breed of a Cocker Spaniel and a miniature Poodle). The reason for the Poodle cross breeding is the fact that the fur of a Poodle is not a double coat such as most dogs have, but a single coat that has a minimal amount of shedding. If the dog is not being professionally shown, the coat is usually clipped close which also keeps allergies at bay.

Breeding is also used to produce dogs with particular traits such as larger breeds that work well as guard dogs. Doberman Pinchers, Rottweiler’s, Mastiffs, and German Shepherds are all dogs which have been bred to bring out their natural instincts to protect and guard their territory. Even the smallest dog has a natural instinct to protect what they see as theirs, but using the larger breeds for this purpose also allows for intimidation against intruders. A large mastiff is going to seem like much more of a threat to an intruder than a small dog biting at ankles!

If breeding dogs is of interest, obtaining a veterinary education or an education in animal husbandry would go far. There is no required education to become a dog breeder, but attending classes and seminars in responsible animal husbandry will help an individual to make educated decisions regarding their breeding practices. Many people who are considering the purchase of a particular breed of dog will do plenty of research into the prospective breeder as well as the dame and sire of the litter. These types of animals are not cheap with some breeds selling for thousands of dollars; recently a Tibetan Mastiff sold for just under $2 million dollars! Maintaining a good reputation in the world of dog breeders is a must for anyone who wishes to be successful in this line of work.

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