One of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing feelings of all time has to be the moment you realize how bad you’re sweating when at a formal meeting or conference. If you’re not used to tropical climates like me then you probably don’t think twice when going on a quick business trip for a conference. It’s hard to retain a professional appearance and look when you show up with a t-shirt and a flowered button up shirt, but on the other hand it’s very hard to stay cool at the same time. Letting your clothes become drenched with your sweat as you realize you underestimated the tropic’s intense humidity and heat can be a very discouraging feeling. Here are some fabrics and materials that you should invest in to avoid such a disaster:

Cotton – While cotton may seem like the material you should use to keep you warm and snug, it’s actually very good at keeping the heat off of you. It’s not the best for intense rains and moisture, but when it’s a hot sunny day you better hope you’re wearing cotton. Cotton suits are a great investment.

Linen – Linen is a very formal look, but many people don’t realize it’s chilling qualities. For females, linen pants are a great buy to keep your legs cool. For males, linen dress pants are fantastic as they won’t stick to your leg hair when the heat kicks up.

Silk – If you’re okay with looking a bit luxurious, silk is a fantastic material that will both keep you cool but also really make you look the part. Silk is fantastic for formal women wear, but men can also find some very nice silk suits and vests.

Georgette – A near sibling to chiffon, georgette is a very light material that lets air pass through it with ease. It’s a fantastic material for women to use because it keeps their entire body cool.

Rayon – Rayon is a great fabric to wear because of it absorbs water very easily. While regular rayon isn’t very popular because of it’s low durability (you have to dry-clean it, not wash), there’s a modified version of rayon known as HWM (high-wet modulus) rayon that is much more durable; you can machine wash it, and it is also much stronger than regular rayon. Rayon is commonly used in women wear, but also in button-up shirts for men. Some say rayon goes extremely well with beards!

5 Fabrics That Will Keep You Cool & Professional At Tropical Conferences Credit Picture License: poppalina via photopin cc

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